Installation & control


Once the initial lighting scheme is put forward and the objectives agreed upon, the issue of supplying power to the chosen areas has to be considered. In most cases cables are needed around the perimeter of a garden simply because that is where the majority of planting is. Where any hard landscaping detailing is planned (such as paving) ducting should be laid beneath for transporting cables to, for instance, remote planting beds. In the case of a newly built garden this is generally undertaken by the landscaper and requirements can be advised on accordingly.

The electrical company I promote as my preferred installer is Greenlite Ltd.

Fully qualified, they operate solely as installers of garden lighting and are an experienced supplier/installer of Rako Controls. (see below)


With LED’s as now being recognised as the main source for garden lighting, remote-control switching of the systems is now also becoming more of a standard. To that end I suggest Rako Controls as being the fore-runner in this field.


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