I specialise in the design of lighting schemes for gardens having been involved in the work since 1989.

Many have indeed enjoyed the benefits of professional garden lighting for a number of years, but with improvements in technology and the quality of designed gardens – and the appreciation of space generally – far more people are exploring creative ways of using lighting to suit their needs.

I feel that good lighting is meant to be subtle and designed to enhance the shadows and nuances of your garden. All gardens, no matter what size have different characteristics and will only be “lit well” if this is taken into consideration. Lighting should be there to complement the planting, to illuminate the pathways and patios, to give life to water and most importantly, to allow you to use your garden for longer.








Being that LED’s are now commonplace in the industry of garden lighting, plus with the introduction of both in-built LED light fittings and retrofit lamp type fittings I am able to promote from several manufacturers’ style of light fittings to suit my designs. Latterly LED tapelight used discretely can compliment steps and structures and are utilised with taste.

From the small in-town garden to the broad landscape garden, lighting plays a big part in how gardens are used. Always striving for subtlety, I feel that the end result of my designs provide a lighting scheme devoid of being garish but indeed are tasteful.

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